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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The past couple of weeks I have been thinking about Fate. And what exactly it means. So, I went online (I know) and I found a bunch of different definitions. One of them said that Fate = Destiny, that one makes sense, but if you look up Destiny it will say "one's fate". Confusing huh. Another one said the final outcome, I get that.  But then it says death, destruction, doom.....HUH?? I don't think it is one's "fate" to die. That sounds so depressing. Obviously death isn't a choice you get to make because it's gonna happen one way or another. Another definition says fate is something inevitable or what happens or has happened to a person or entity.

After I was looking through all these definitions I agree the most with Fate = Destiny. Everyone was put on this planet for a reason. Everyone is destined to be something. Thinking back to the experiences I have gone through, sometimes it is hard for me to believe that Aunt Jeni was destined to pass away leaving 2 wonderful kids, an adoring husband and a huge, loving extended family. I haven't even mentioned Jeni on my blog because I still struggle with it. She was an organ donor, so was that her fate? Giving other people a chance to live. I have to believe that, that is what her destiny was and still is. I look back to October of 2000 when I was in a car accident that led to a crap ton of complications. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be the same person that I am today! And, you know what? I AM OK WITH THAT!

I know that I was put on this earth and in the place where I am for a reason. And even if I am not sure right now what that reason is, I won't stop trying until I figure it out!!

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